Roach Valley Dancewear

Roach Valley Dancewear

Roach Valley Dancewear is a premium UK brand of clothing, shoes and accessories for many different styles of dance. Their large selection of products includes dance items for Latin, ballroom, ballet, salsa, disco, tap and street dance. Let’s take a closer look at some of the unique products that the company has to offer.


First, there are basic ballet shoes with leather, silk or canvas uppers and suede soles. They have minimal styling and come in basic colors like pink, white, ivory and in some cases black. These models work well for novice students and those who need an extra pair of training shoes for the studio.


Roach Valley Dancewear also supplies a pair of basic dance shoes for street and jazz dancers. The tops are a combination of lightweight mesh, unbuckle and nylon with durable polyurethane soles and a high heel.

supplier of dancewear offer

What else does this leading supplier of dancewear offer? Lots. They have a selection of black Meryl garments for jazz dance, including shorts, bootleg or hipster pants and a camisole top with cross straps at the back. It have acrylic cardigan sweaters, nylon sweatpants and leg warmers for cheerleaders and aerobic dancers.


They have socks, headbands, tutu, leggings, leotards, tights and skirts in a wide range of colors, including adjusting equipment so that meets the requirements of the Imperial Society of Dance Teachers and the International Dance Teachers Association for competitive dance.


Roach Valley Dancewear also produces sixteen different styles of bags, from shoe bags to nylon suitcases, vanity bags to backpacks. Their PVC bags are design for younger students with attractive designs so that become personal souvenirs for individual dancers.

Let us finally go back to the discussion of shoes. The Roach Valley line includes character shoes such as Greek sandals, low-cut jazz slippers and studded heels for men and women. The Brigadoon model is a black leather upper in Scottish style with laces wrap around the ankles. Suede soles and super light material make them adaptable to any ballet work.

professional canvas dance shoes

Roach Valley Dancewear also emphasizes regulatory standards for tap dancers. Their professional canvas dance shoes feature low or Cuban heels and suede soles so that are only available in black in accordance with tradition and dance competition. For male dancers, there is a generous selection of derby-style and oxford shoes. Their Rupert model, available in black or beige, is made specifically as a training shoe for men.


Do you possibly want more from a dancewear retailer? How about 41 different styles of prom shoes, dress shoes and Latin sandals for women? The company appeals to fashion-conscious dancers with endless variations and numerous color choices so that match the unique styles associated with ballroom dancing.


These specially designed women’s shoes have good things in common. Leather insoles, super flex suede soles, extend one- and two-inch heels and zipper buckles are common across the board with ballroom and Latin shoes. Many models have X-straps or T-bar straps, and they wear a pair of court shoes for a simpler look.


With such a diverse collection of clothing, shoes and accessories, it’s easy to see why Roach Valley Dancewear is one of the most famous name brands in dance. Although they do not yet offer direct purchase from their site, it is worth the extra effort to seek out distributors who trade in Roach Valley products to get the best quality available.

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