Popular Vintage Looks for Halloween and Other Events

Popular Vintage Looks for Halloween and Other Events

Many people like to dress in a vintage style. Some people like real vintage clothes, for example one of my friends who owns and wears clothes from the 1920s onwards. Many more wear costumes or replicas of vintage or vintage dresses. Either way, there are some classic styles from the past that are great for Halloween, costume parties or just because you love some of these chic styles. Here are some of the most popular.


The party in the 1980s is very widespread, though I’m not undisputable if I would use the conversation “chic!” Great bell extremities, copper decorated shirts and customarily polyester in consistently durable colors subjugated. There are plenty of these available, whether you want to look corresponding a prom queen, John Travolta on Saturday Night Fever, or just a sleazebag is a leisure item!

Hippie costumes

Hippie costumes from the 1960s are also popular for Halloween and parties. Often, a fairly inexpensive wig provides sufficient hair for men, and cashmere or tie dye clothing is widely available. Add a few medallions, no doubt a peace sign or two, and you’re ready to go.

I also love Zoot Suits from the 1940s. These are large, oversized suits in many different colors. The jackets are huge, the pants down to the waist, and the legs are baggy, but quite thin at the ankle. You stand out in a big way in one of these, and they look pretty classic, but definitely from a different era.

pin up costumes

Another look from the 40s that works, but this time for women, is pin up costumes. The pin up girls were very popular models like Ginger Rogers, Mae West, Betty Grable and many more whose photos were posted or pinned by many. There are many options, such as a quick look at any costume shop.


I’m a fan of 1920s costumes and my favorites are Gangster costumes for both men and women. The ban was in full swing, and with a lot of money smuggling, organized crime flourished. This was certainly not a good thing, but a gangster costume from the 1920s is quite classic, with a nice pinstripe suit and a fitting hat in 1920s style is a great option. Add a fake machine gun so everyone knows what you are!


The vintage style has always been popular, but it seems to have really caught on. Just look at the large selection of options and you will know why!

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