Glamorous New Year Party Looks

Now that the office party fashion has officially rolled out, your thoughts are likely to turn to the next big

party date in your Christmas calendar: your New Year or Hogmanay party. Here at Semi hem, we

have some amazing beauty tips to help you prepare for one of the biggest nights of the year without spending a lot of money.


Whether you’re partying with friends or family fashion, this is the perfect opportunity to dress up and

increase the va-va-voom factor to welcome you for the next 12 months. But Why not become more glamorous and experiment with a new look? After all, we are about to receive a new year!


Hopefully you have decided what outfit you want to wear and maybe you have even chosen your accessories and your shoes. Whatever you choose, now is a good time to focus your thoughts on

your New Year’s beauty plans. From pre-party prep tips to beauty ideas for the day, read on to

make sure you are the beauty of the New Year’s dance.

Before the big night

Keep your skin in tip-top condition by giving it a little more attention before your big night.

Buying a good body scrub, like Simple Exfoliating Body Wash for £ 1.79 for 250ml or just £ 2.00 for

two bottles, will be do wonders for your skin and give your arms and legs so that you would like to show off.

It is also an excellent base to apply your false tan. Just take a bottle in the bath and exfoliate the

product on your moist skin for “like new” results. Treat yourself to a good moisturizer and rub so it

on after your daily shower for baby soft skin. Vaseline Essential Moisture Lotion for £ 1.49 for 200

ml is pretty much a bargain.

A subtle faux tan kiss is also a must with your New Year’s party dress. Think lightly sun-kissed and

not full of fakes like X-factor Cher or Victoria Beckham! We are big fans of St Moritz tanning

products starting at £ 2.99.

drink plenty of glasses

A cheap but good beauty tip to help you get glowing skin is to drink plenty of glasses of water the

week before your big party. If you drink lots of water, your eyes will be whiter and your skin clearer

‘and best of all’ it’s free!

Juicy and charming hair fashion that practically glows under disco bindings is something we all dream of

and a good conditioner will help you achieve it. A few days before the big night, start leaving the conditioner on longer or go one step further and apply conditioner on dry hair before going to bed;

then just wash with shampoo and conditioner as usual the next morning. Your hair becomes extra

soft and silky. We love the Nicky Clarke Endless Waves Conditioner (£ 2.49 for 250ml) and the

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner (£ 4.39 for 250ml).

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