Disco legging Halloween Costumes

Disco legging Halloween Costumes

Whether you’ve been through the ’70s groove or just want a fun child costume, there’s something for you this Halloween. If you’d rather go back to the 50s or the beginning of the flower power movement, we’ve still got you covered. You will definitely have a night to remember!


There are many women who go in girl costumes. The Go Girl costume for adults comes with a short sleeveless dress. The pattern: dozens of multicolored flowers. Includes a white hat and matching back covers. Add peace sign earrings to the last point. A completely different adult Go Girl costume comes with a black and white dress with a matching hat and belt. It is still short, but a little looser. Looks great with Mod Black and White hoop earrings and adult Gogol boots. Try a completely different Twister Sexy Deluxe Adult Costume.

wear flared pant

If you prefer to cover your legs and wear flared pants, we have great options for you. The Funky Dancing ‘Fox Adult Tight Suit comes with a metallic purple, blue and gold bodysuit. Looks great with gold glitter earrings and adult Diorama Mama Blonde Wig. The Flower Power Adult Hippie Costume is just as cute, but a little less revealing. This pink costume comes with flared pants and a baby doll top. It definitely looks good on someone. The Feeling ‘Groovy Female Accessory Pack is also a great addition. Comes with curtains, pink peace sign rings, and a matching necklace.

various children’s costumes

There are also various children’s costumes. The Candy Corn A-Go-Go Child Costume makes you go dress up wisely for a vinyl candy in the lifestyle. Includes hat and boot covers. But don’t forget, girls love their accessories! You can leave your lip gloss on and reflect on Candy Corn Wristlet. If you want to go back to the 50s, the Car Hop Girl Child costume is super cute, as is the Polka Dot Rocker Child costume. This costume originates with a clothing that has a silvery shirt and a long black skirt with white polka marks. Also included is a red sweater so your little one can stay warm when trick-or-treating.


Finally, the kids can get in on the fun too. The Far out Man adult costume comes with blue flared pants and a chrome multi-color flower. Long hippie wig with headband and hippie pork chop sideburns and mustache make your man look like he has long brown hair. For approximately a diminutive humbler, try the Detonate Gentleman Disco Chemise Adult Getup. The steel shirt articulates it all, but the sideburns aren’t all that compulsory. But if you really want to stand out, a lime green two-piece suit should do the trick. Leisure Suit The deluxe costume looks great with the 70’s Guy Brown wig. Take it easy!

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